Betsy Mitten Studio

Observational Drawing

"I can't BELIEVE a leaf this comes from a plant!" That's right! Indigo is perfect hands-on art experience to pair with a plant study, chemistry, history, math - I can't think of a subject that doesn't relate to indigo. Students experience the magic of indigo oxidizing, turning from pale green to dark blue, right before their eyes. We use the ancient resist technique of Shibori to create patterns on the cotton bandanas and work as a team to dye the individual art pieces.

Each student receives their own cotton bandana to take home.

Marbleized covers with shaving cream 

Nature Art & Journaling

​​Origami Book, Necklace Book and Mini Scroll Book

​​Explore three unique book styles in this class. Create a folded origami book, a wearable necklace book, and mini hanging scroll.  Use beautiful papers, stamps and embellishments to decorate your books. 

​​​​​​Bookmaking with Stitched Binding 

Negative/Postive Covers

Positive/Negative space lessons create stunning covers! Learn traditional bookbinding techniques and create a one of a kind handmade journal to take home.

Marbleize covers

Discover how to marbleize paper using shaving cream and acrylic paints, use bookbinding tools to stitch a book signature and then bind the book together with bookbinding tape. Embellish the cover with decorative papers, beads, stamps, feathers and jewels to create a book that reflects individual interests and personality.

Indigo: The Art and Science

Art classes and workshops for kids, families, and classrooms with science and nature connections. 

Small animal dioramas, specimens, and artifacts create exciting drawing subjects and opportunities to learn about science, math, language and history.

We draw with colored pencils, oil pastels, chalk pastel pencils, ebony pencils, and water color pencils.

Stictched, folded, accordian, tunnel, origami, matchbox, mini, oversized, scrolls, observational journals, travel journals, secret treasure books.... you name it, if it's creative bookmaking you're after, you've come to the right place. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact me. I love exploring bookmaking with children and families. There are many bookmaking classes available.

Bookmaking Classes

Mini Books

Positive/Negative Space covers

Asian Scroll Class

Nature Art and Journaling

This outdoor art adventure focuses on sketching and journaling from nature. We warm up with observation exercises, take time to explore our location and then start sketching and writing.  You'll practice drawing skills with a variety of materials and create a collection of sketches and descriptive words or phrases from your observations. Complete your experience by creating a take-home bound journal with your drawings and writing. 

To schedule a program or for questions:

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​Thank you!

Asian Scroll Class

Create a beautiful hanging Asian Scroll using real bamboo rods, mulberry and rice papers, silk cord and embellishments. Write an original diamante poem, or piece of your own choice. Complete your scroll with an illustration. A variety of objects and photographs for inspiration are provided or bring your own special prop.

​This class combines writing, drawing and the joy of bookmaking.

History, geography and math concepts are woven in-between the

poetry writing and scroll making activities.