​Art classes for kids, families, and adults 

with science and nature connections.

Above: Stitched spine, marbleized cover, with ingenious gem covered tie closure. 

​Printmaking: Gyotaku, gelli prints, collagraphs, monoprints, and more.

Sculpture & Tinkering: Kinetic and Static - Automata, marionettes, masks, wire & nylon, clay, wood, cardboard, and mixed materials.

Sketch a sunflower and take a closer look through a microscope, see the magic of indigo oxidation as you dye a shibori silk scarf, paint collage papers with brilliant acrylics, stitch a marbleized paper book, and learn drawing techniques for self portraits. 

You value creative experiences and are curious about the world around you. I understand! I'm passionate about art, science, and nature. I've been teaching art for over twenty years and have the expertise, education, and experience to bring innovative art classes with science and nature connections to children, families, classrooms, libraries, museum programs, and teacher trainings. 

It's all hands-on with a process focus and designed to help develop one's own creative voice. I provide the lessons, professional quality art materials, set-up, and clean-up.  

Classes and workshops for observational drawing, collage, bookmaking, textiles, sculpture, painting, printmaking, and tinkering!

New tinkering classes get your child designing and building paper circuits that light up a drawing or a crank shaft automata to explore engineering. 

For more information on current classes or to schedule a program see the Classes page or contact me directly at or through the Contact page.

Textiles: Indigo, shibori, weaving, natural dyes, batik, and hand-printed patterns.

​Bookmaking: Marbleized, stitched, mini, scroll, accordion, necklace, folded, origami, matchbook, and more!

Above: Mini book with pop-up elements and stapled spine.

Observational Drawing

Above: ​Stitched spine with positive/negative space covers and endpapers.

Betsy Mitten Studio