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Surface design, art, and classes

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The Beauty and Joy of Nature, no matter where you are...

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Your Art + Nature Connection 

I create surface design patterns, art, and classes that connect you to the beauty and joy of the natural world. 

Does the beauty of nature bring you joy? I understand! I'm passionate about bringing the joy and beauty of nature to you through surface design, art, classes, and activities. Remember that walk on the beach, hike through the woods, or gaze upon a beautiful sunset feeling? I do too, and I want you to be able to surround yourself with it everyday!  


We can't always head to the beach for a walk, find a quiet trail in the woods to follow, spend time tending our garden, or travel to the natural places we find most rejuvenating, but we can still infuse our lives with these feelings and make meaningful connections. 


I have a deep passion for art and the natural world. My passion is creating images and experiences that transport us back to these magical places so we can always have a bit of nature and the wild. You know what brings you joy and a sense of well-being. My studio is all about bringing the joy of nature home through patterns, art, classes and activities. No matter where we are, we can wrap ourselves in nature and create beauty at home, while remembering our favorite places.


I'm passionate about surface design, art, and nature. I've been creating nature inspired patterns, art, classes, and experiences for over twenty years. I've added digital pattern creation to my portfolio and I can't wait to share my new patterns, art, classes, and reflections about creating a life infused with art and nature.


Love to learn? My classes are designed to help you develop your own creative voice and connect with nature. Explore my Learn section to find ideas for adults, families and children. Check out my collaboration with the world class Chicago Botanic Garden and create your own placed-based mini box collage.  I provide the lessons, a list of carefully selected art materials, and the guidance you need to be successful.  


For more information on surface design, art and current classes contact me directly at Hello@ BetsyMittenStudio.com or through the Contact page.